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As a Magickal Tool, your personal computer can be utilized to contain and perform many of the techniques and rituals of the Art of Witchcraft. It can hold the wisdom and knowledge to help you learn the many facets of the Craft. Your computer can in many ways be used as a Book of Shadows, a meditation aid, a divination tool and, as we have found, can be turned into a quick and discrete altar where you can create and perform a multitude of spells.

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The modern world is fast-paced and, by adding your computer to your collection of magickal tools, can be incorporated into your works in a most beneficial way. TechnoSpells has been developed to help you learn how to manipulate the machine to help you expand the horizons of your Craft. Here you will find traditional approaches as well as how to incorporate them into your magickal life.

There is really no conflict between the Old and the New. Please make use of the free TechnoSpells we offer. Peruse our data banks to increase your understanding of the underlying influences that define magick. Enjoy yourself as we take Witchery into the Modern Age.

Sarah Wytchcross the TechnoWitch

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